Other Activities

General Information

We are convinced that we can support the community in Tondo by offering not only educational and livelihood programs but also freetime activities for parents and children.
Our students participate in different kinds of sports activities, music classes such as guitar lessons or drama projects. During the summer holiday we organise summer activities to attract new students and to give the children an opportunity to experience something during their freetime. Moreover, even our young preschool students learn how to perform songs and dances in front of audience which encourages their self-confidence.

Learn more about our sucess in the international comic festival Fumetto in Switzerland and our parental activities on the next pages.

The Comic Competition

In January 2010, several of our students started to work on a comic series supported by our german volunteer Christina Roeckl who later send the comics to the Fumetto Comix Festival in Luzern, Switzerland. The kids which were most ambitious in learning how to draw spent three days on a comic workshop in Villa Sylvia Resort in Nagcarlan, Laguna to develope their projects. Our students did not only enjoy the drawing, they also liked the unusual fresh air and the lovely place. Furthermore, the kids even trained their social skills by working in teams and learned to concentrate on their projects.

To our surprise, Milo Dandy was one of the proud winners in Fumetto Comix Festival in Luzern. Out of 250 entries from different countries he won the price in the category 12 years old.

Mithing Pangarap is very thankful for the enormous commitment of our german volunteer Christina Roeckl and the international attention she brought for Mithing Pangarap. Our foundation won an amount of 110,00 Euro, several T-shirts for the kids and a trophy.

Parental Activities

By integrating our students families in the foundations activities, we want to support them in their handling of the childrens education and on the other hand give provide useful freetime activities. Our parents attend for example cooking demonstrations or movie screenings. In future times, we want to extend our parental activities.

Cooking demonstration for the parents
Cooking demonstration for the parents