DumpSIGHTseeing on “Smokey Mountain“

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You want to see the Philippines besides the luxury malls and white sand beaches? Come and visit us and our Mithing Pangarap Educational Foundation Inc. (MPEFI) at the foot of Smokey Mountain - the former, but still existing landfill in Tondo, Manila! In contrast to grief tourism, our local student guides will give you an authentic insight into the lives of the people and scavengers living on and around the dumpsite as they themselves perceive it.

As part of our tour, you’ll have the chance to

• “climb” Smokey Mountain, 
• learn everything about its history,
• experience its present relevance for the people living on it,
• find out what the “Field of Dreams” is,
• visit the homes of local families and
• catch a glimpse of the work of several NGOs in its surroundings. 

By visiting our tour, you won’t only be able to make up your own mind about life in Smokey Mountain. You can also help us raise awareness about our problems and potentials and support our local students guides to engage in a meaningful and rewarding activity!

When? Anytime! Just contact us and we’ll find you a date that suits you. Phone: 0947/5294749

Where? We’ll pick you up at the LRT-1-Station Blumentritt and accompany you on the jeepney ride to Smokey Mountain. 

How much? It is free. We warmly welcome you, though, to make a modest donation for the efforts of our students and/or purchase some of our locally produced recycled products.

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